ShareTree - Culture Insights - July 2019

“Only 14% of employees in Australia &
New Zealand are engaged in their jobs.”
– Gallup Report 2018

How engaged is your team?
What are your team values and are you living them?

Leading an organisation without mindset and culture strategy is like training for the Olympics without managing your mental fitness, game plan and diet!
While direct performance is important, peak sustainable performance requires positive mindset, optimum health and well-being. Often athletes talk about being in a state of flow. Surprisingly, a state of flow also exists in teams and it comes from growth mindsets and culture.

In a 10 year study conducted by Vative Group (a ShareTree seed company), they discovered that highly engaged organisations have two key differences:

  1. Leadership Mindset
  2. Team Culture

While most organisations understand the benefit of working on direct performance contributors such as:

  • skills development
  • software enhancements
  • lean six sigma process optimisation
  • quality assurance
  • and customer experience;

few organisations are aware of the impact, or effective techniques, to improve indirect performance contributors such as:

  • team engagement
  • mindset
  • and culture.

Direct performance contributors are great for getting specific results, while indirect performance contributors also impact results in more sustainable and broader reaching ways.

According to a study by Gallup, here’s the difference between the highest and lowest engaged teams:

ShareTree in conjunction with Vative Group, will be revealing global leading research and development in mindset and culture. You’ll discover:

  • How to cultivate leadership mindset
  • What are the drivers of culture
  • Which character qualities are most important in leadership
  • Cutting edge technology to bring culture to your team

This is an exclusive invitation for ShareTree and Vative clients and friends.

Join us at the Growth Mindsets and Culture Introduction complimentary breakfast event.

19th of July 2019 from 7.30am to 10.30am.

I look forward to spending time with you and sharing this exciting game-changing information.

With gratitude
Steven Farrugia, Founder & CEO of ShareTree.