Consulting & Projects

Why does the Healthcare environment need to improve?

There are many bumps in the road that can delay or prevent us from making the improvements we desperately want to achieve; new services are required, accreditation standards are changing, customer needs are developing, process quality goals are still elusive, competition is rising and suddenly support is needed to maintain your continuous improvement culture.

The Vative Healthcare team is committed to delivering positive organisational results through proven systems and tools to reach better patient outcomes, greater quality of care, reduce costs and boost employee morale.

What is the best approach?

There are many Continuous Improvement methodologies out there, but none as tried and tested as Lean Healthcare – learned from industry but carefully contextualised to the Health environment.

Our approach uses the 5 core Lean principles and the Lean toolkit to work with you to:

  • define value from customer’s perspective
  • map common business value streams to eliminate waste
  • ensure all steps in the value stream flow
  • create a pull mechanism so that the customer is serviced as required
  • pursue ongoing perfection

Our Lean Healthcare Business framework outlines an approach for the organisation wishing to make positive changes through transformational improvement.
We work with staff at all levels of the organisation to achieve sustainable positive change.

How Vative Healthcare deliver service and operational excellence with you?

Our Healthcare experts, with extensive quality improvement and hands on project management experience will support you every step of the improvement journey, understanding of the complexities of process and procedures in service delivery, as organisations strive to achieve strategic and operational goals.The Vative Healthcare team has supported and led many projects, of varying complexities and usually always including a component of teaching to ensure organisational learning and sustainability is achieved. Some examples of past Lean Healthcare projects have included:

  • In surgery, streamlining the surgical bookings process and eliminating duplicate methods for booking patients and errors
  • In Oncology, introduction of a new online referral form for first time chemotherapy patients that will reduce wait time delays
  • In linen services, introduction of a new visual management system to better meet customer needs for linen turnaround
  • In Occupational therapy, introduction of new visual tracking system for all OT Equipment leading to a reduced loss of equipment and increase time spent with patients.
  • In aged care, reduced falls risk associated with reduction in inappropriate resident footwear and improved mobility aids visual management
  • In public hospital surgery, 37% reduction in theatre start time delays
  • In urgent emergency care, improved turnaround times for ambulance re-stocking between cases using 5S program methodology
  • In Residential aged care, streamlined care through reductions in wasted time (57%) and interruptions (64%) of Nurse manager day to day management.