Advanced Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices

Advanced Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices – MSS60316

This Advanced Diploma is suitable for managers or team leaders who are responsible for implementing and maintaining quality policies and procedures. You will be taught how to apply various quality tools through the fundamentals of Lean methodology. You will be trained in Lean Thinking and how to identify process waste. Example of wastes are time spent trying to locate equipment, running out of stock or waiting for approvals. You will learn Value Steam Mapping, (VSM) a visual tool used to understand and communicate the flow of information. This will allow you to uncover what actually happens in a process and is a powerful platform for improvement. This Advanced Diploma will provide you with error proofing systems, root cause analysis tools and risk reduction techniques. You will also gain leadership skills and acquire confidence to effectively manage teams.


What you will learn

  • Promote innovation in an aged care environment
  • How to manage procedures and systems for optimum outcomes
  • Develop workplace communication tools and procedures
  • Effective Leadership skills
  • Change management tools

Pathway & Careers

Qualification Pathway

After achieving this qualification, students may choose to study the following qualifications:

Career options

  • Quality Manager
  • Operations Manager

Course Units

Core Units:

MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
MSS405001 Develop competitive systems and practices for an organisation
MSS405013 Facilitate holistic culture improvement in an organisation

Effective Units

MSS405002 Analyse and map a value stream
MSS405003 Manage a value stream
MSS405061 Determine and establish information collection requirements and processes
MSS402051 Apply Quality Standards
MSS402080 Undertake root cause analysis
MSS403030 Improve Cost Factors in work practices
MSS405030 Optimise cost of a product or service
MSS405031 Undertake value analysis of product or process costs in terms of customer requirements
MSS015002 Develop strategies for more sustainable use of resources
MSS403033 Map an operational process
CHCPRP003 Reflect and improve own professional practice
MSS403040 Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S
MSS403035 Implement the visual workplace
MSS403041 Facilitate breakthrough improvements
MSS403010 Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices
MSS403013 Lead team culture improvement
MSS403011 Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices
MSS405004 Develop business plans in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices
MSS405005 Manage competitive systems and practices responding to individual and unique customer orders
MSS405007 Introduce competitive systems and practices to a small or medium enterprise
MSS405041 Implement improvement systems in an organisation
MSS405024 Apply the theory of constraints
MSS405040 Manage 5S system in an organisation
MSS403001 Review competitive systems and practices
MSS403002 Ensure process improvements are sustained
MSS404052 Apply statistics to operational processes
MSS405050 Determine and improve process capability
MSS405021 Develop a Just in Time system
MSS405033 Optimise office systems to deliver to customer demand
MSS405022 Design a process layout

Dual Course Details

  • Recognition: Nationally accredited training
  • Vative Healthcare Pre-requisites: Nil
  • Course Duration:12 months (minimum of one day of training per month)
  • Study mode:Work Place Based Delivery
  • Assessment:Assignments and projects
  • Payment Options: Fees, Refunds & Cancellation Policy