About Us

Vative Healthcare was developed by two nurses wanting to make a difference to the healthcare industry through empowering staff to make positive changes in their organisation. Rather than the tradition top-down approach, they believed a ‘galaxy’ approach of both bottom-up AND top-down would receive the best patient outcomes. As Australia’s population ages, we must continue to provide the highest quality of care to meet our patients’ needs whilst maintaining a robust nursing skills mix.

Our programs have proven success in increasing staff engagement, which improves workplace morale and serves our purpose to provide exceptional patient care. With our extensive Healthcare experience and our passion to deliver excellence in quality care, we will support your organisation to reach its greatest potential.

We can assist your organisation through several avenues including accredited education, our impact leadership program, specialty programs, lean courses, consulting and projects, and more!

Benefits of Learning with us
Staff Member Benefits Organisation benefits
Learning and implementing organisation skills that make your job easier Organised facility where staff can work efficiently and meet OHS standards
Gaining more knowledge and skills in your area Knowledgeable staff and stronger skills mix across various departments
Develop your leadership skills to assist in achieving your career goals Staff you can trust and have faith in during challenging situations
You will learn how to eliminate waste and save time, being able to give more time to your patient
Staff aligning to organisation
Staff will have more time for patients, meaning lower percentage of falls, less clinical incidents and more patient centered care

Vative Healthcare can assist your organisation’s business improvement goals through a number of avenues:

➤ Quality Improvement
➤ Solutions to Excellence Program (Lean)
➤ Executive Coaching
➤ Leadership Development
➤ Coaching & Mentoring
➤ Project Management


For every person we engage with to have a breakthrough experience that changes them and/or their organisation for the better.


Inspiring people, organisations & community to continuously improve

Our Virtues

Primary Focus Virtues

  • Service – We willingly support others to achieve their goals
  • Innovation – We embrace challenges with enthusiasm & creativity
  • Excellence – We constantly seek our greatest potential

Complimentary Focus Virtues

  • Respect – We honour ourselves and we care for each person’s dignity
  • Compassion – we share empathy and let people know they are not alone
  • Initiative – We always embrace challenges with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Courage – We are confident to face new possibilities and transform fear into determination
  • Integrity – We strive to do the right thing by living by our ideals

Our Team

Carmie Walker

Carmie Walker is a passionate and experienced Health and Aged Care Director with strong business acumen.

Karen Barker

Director, Educator & Consultant
Karen is a dedicated and passionate professional with strong leadership and educational capability, specialising Health Care.

Jodie Hoogenboom

People & Performance Manager
Jodie is highly experienced in healthcare management at senior executive level and in the health design, regulatory compliance, licencing and commissioning of new facilities.

Kate Liddington

CEO Executive Officer
Kate is the first point of call for our new clients, and assists us to understand clients needs and requirements to develop strong connections with organisations we work with..

Maree O'Dwyer

Educator & Consultant
Maree has worked for over 25 years in both the public and private healthcare sectors in Victoria.

Lauren Manning

Educator & Consultant
Lauren Manning has developed a passion for innovation project management in healthcare throughout her 25 years as a Registered Nurse.

Jean Crowe

Educator & Consultant
Jean is a Registered Nurse and has extensive experience in Acute, Sub acute and Aged Care nursing, in both the public and private.

Karen Watt

Queensland Educator & Consultant
Karen is a Registered Nurse with 25 years experience in Aged Care Management and services our Queensland clients.

Lizzy Caillaux Bowles

Customer Relations Consultant
Lizzy has extensive experience in customer relations and strives to provide sound information to our customers.

Steven Farrugia


Madhu Dason


Theo Pappas