Welcome to Vative Healthcare

Vative Healthcare was developed by two nurses wanting to make a difference to the healthcare industry through empowering staff to make positive changes in their organisation. Rather than the tradition top-down approach, they believed a ‘galaxy’ approach of both bottom-up AND top-down would receive the best patient outcomes. As Australia’s population ages, we must continue to provide the highest quality of care to meet our patients’ needs whilst maintaining a robust nursing skills mix.

Our programs have proven success in increasing staff engagement, which improves workplace morale and serves our purpose to provide exceptional patient care. With our extensive Healthcare experience and our passion to deliver excellence in quality care, we will support your organisation to reach its greatest potential.

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Do you have a need to improve?

Do you feel the pressures of National Targets, Accreditation or Aged Care Standards, Processes, Staff morale, or Patient satisfaction? TRANSFORM by engaging with every level of the organisation through the learning and implementation of Lean Improvement.

Designed through industry consultation, our accredited courses offer staff across various departments of healthcare organisations the opportunity to make positive changes for the benefit of not only themselves, but their patients, residents and their families.

“At Vative Healthcare we are dedicated to improving quality, service, governance and reducing costs so you can spend more time on care.”


Some of the organisations we work with