Do you question why patients wait too long and continually hear clinical staff say, “they are waiting for………” and there appears to be an acceptance amongst healthcare staff that waiting is part of healthcare services? This will constantly occur where healthcare staff are not able to influence any change to avoid the delays experienced by patients. Do you need help with process flow to make real changes with significantly reduced waiting times for patients?

In Victoria there were 473,441 patients admitted to hospitals alone in October – December in 2017. As Healthcare Professionals we understand there are many processes undertaken to provide quality patient care. Patients are our first priority- it is important that we implement methods that are beneficial to their value of care. The rising demand for healthcare services means that we need to provide more efficient care for the future.

Healthcare staff often experience constant pressures caused by inefficiencies, quality errors and process waste. We can educate and up-skill your staff so they are empowered to think critically and work efficiently in every department of the hospital.

Our Hospital Specialists:

Mia Janssen

Educator and Consultant

Lauren Manning

Educator & Consultant

Karen Barker

Educator & Consultant